Credit Solution for Online shoppers Integrated Solution Low Easy Payments up to 36 Months Less than Perfect Credit Accepted Approval in Less than 60 seconds Buy Now at No Cost for 90 Days Incremental Sales

Our Solutions

• Incremental Sales

We provide an alternative credit solution to online shoppers who are underserved by traditional credit providers.

• Easy Integration

Easy installation through API integration with 24/7 online merchant support.

• Wide Product Selection

We offer financing for a wide range of product lines from consumer electronics, mobile, furniture, appliances, for the home, automotive, musical instruments, home office, sports & fitness to fashion accessories and jewelry.

• Instant Credit Decisioning

We offer realtime credit decisioning through our state-of-the-art underwriting platform.

• Fast Settlement Process

Get paid within 48 hours after shippment with no recourse and low merchant discount.


Our Brands

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Category: Tablets & Computers

Top Brands in Electronics for Low Easy Payments.

Easy Approvals in Less than 60 Seconds

Low Fixed Payments: Emporium makes shopping easy by eliminating mounting interest charges. Unlike credit cards you will not be charged interest; instead you'll pay a recurring scheduled payment with no additional costs. As an example a $100 item will cost you less than $4 per week. Also pay only the cash price if paid within 90 days.

Convenient: There is no long-term commitment, you have the option to own your product after 12 months or return it at any time after your initial lease term. Everything is handled conveniently online with no paperwork or driving to a retail store. Your product will be shipped directly to your home.

Approval is Quick and Easy: Find out if you qualify in less than 60 seconds. The program is designed for those with new credit or less than perfect credit. The Emporium Account is also a great way to build or rebuild your credit when you make your payments on time.

Make Scheduled Payments: Your payments will automatically be charged to your debit/credit card or deducted from your checking account according to your payment schedule. 50% Early Payoff Discount: You can own your product and pay off your balance whenever you like. Pay off your balance before 90 days and pay only the cash price; after 90 days pay only 50% of your remaining balance.

Fashion & Accessories for Men & Women

Explore a wide variety of fashion brands and accessories for both men & women. The latest handbags to perfumes & makeup, to men's latest accessories and more.

Gaming & Electronics: Sony, Beats by Dre, Xbox 360, EA Games, Nintendo, Pioneer and more.

View our wide range of Gaming and Accessories brands: All from gaming consoles, to latest headphones, to latest games from EA Sports, PC games and more.

Home & Office Furniture

Quality is at the core of every one of our products, from our Home Luxury Furniture to our patio furniture, office furniture and all our mattress collection. We always ensure our products will stand the test of time in terms of style, structure, and earth-friendliness.

For the Home, Kitchen & Appliances

Our Collection of Kitchen Appliances, Washers & Dryers, Cookware, Vacuums make it easy to Re-design and Renew your house and apartment.

BBQ Grills, Smokers, Grilling Tools & Accessories

View our wide range of BBQ grills: Charcoal, Gas & Electric Grills, Different types of Smokers, Grilling Tools & Accessories.

Jewelry & Watches

Browse our top fashion brands of jewelry & watches for men & women.